Nurturing, Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation in Fragile and Post- Conflict Countries: Case of University of Makeni, Sierra Leone

  • Janet U. Odey University of Makeni, Sierra Leone
  • Joseph A. Turay University of Makeni, Sierra Leone
Keywords: Prosperity, Employment, Reconstruction of the Society, Transformation, Peace, Stability


This work is a critical study of how nurturing innovation, education and entrepreneurship in a fragile and post- conflict country can enhance economic growth, promote employment, and productivity, but also can be a driver to create peace and stability and produce democratic citizens.  Much study has been done around entrepreneurial education in promoting economic growth and providing a platform for innovation, but few studies have explored in detail how entrepreneurial education can also promote peace and produce democratic citizens that will bring about peaceful and prosperous communities. The study utilized a case study research design to explore how university of Makeni in Sierra Leone is using entrepreneurial education to promote economic growth, bring about employment, peace and stability in a fragile and post – conflict country. The research design chosen is appropriate because it will help the researcher to gain concrete contextual in depth knowledge   of the situation and issues in real life. It will help the researcher to see a relationship between phenomena, context and live reality of the participants. The researcher used purposeful sampling to select students, staff and other stakeholders who took part in the entrepreneurial programs and initiatives of the University. The data was collected and analyzed using diagnostic analysis to identify patterns to see how entrepreneurial programme and initiatives has promoted economic growth, produce democratic citizens and enhance peace and stability. Indeed, the study concluded that the entrepreneurial programmes at the University of Makeni empower students and the communities to promote economic growth through income generating enterprises nurturing the skills, competencies and values thus enhancing peace and stability. In addition, main findings of this study will enable educational practitioners to design better models, framework and best practices that will bring about growth, peace and stability in fragile and post-conflict country.


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Odey, J., & Turay, J. (2023, May 3). Nurturing, Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation in Fragile and Post- Conflict Countries: Case of University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. African Journal of Education,Science and Technology, 7(3), Pg 571-578.