The Unfulfilled Mission of Teacher Education in Modern Africa. The Development Agenda

  • Patrick A. Kafu School of Education, University of Eldoret, P.O. BOX 1125, Eldoret
Keywords: Teacher Education Programme, Modern Africa


Teacher education programme is an essential and highly specialized component of education and society.  It is supposed to be the initiator, creator, nurturer and sustainer of society’s culture and subsequent innovations.  Generally, Teacher Education programme deals with, among other critical issues, the preparation and production of school teachers, professionalisation of Teaching career and setting the development agenda of the society.  The present paper is designed to discuss the background of the development and growth of Teacher Education programmes? in modern africa, the contributions of this programme to the development of modern africa, the development agenda of modern africa and the future role of this programme in development in africa.  Specifically, the present paper examines the concept of Teacher Education programme, fundamentals of this programme, the potential and expectations of the programme in modern africa, contributions of the programme to development in modern africa, the indicators of the performance of the programme in modern africa, the emerging issues in Teacher education and society in modern africa which comprise its development agenda, the present status of Teacher education programme and development in modern africa and the future of this programme in modern africa. This approach will make the paper presentable.


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