Disability, Ability and Productivity: A Personal Experience in Moi University, Kenya

  • Alice Yungungu Moi University, Kenya
Keywords: Visually impaired, Disability, Environment, Braille and Adaptive Technology, Productivity, Inclusion


Kenya’s 2019 census report indicated that 0.9 (2.2%) million people of the country’s population are disabled with at least 36% having visual, hearing, and cognition impairments. However, lack of rehabilitation therapies, limited access to education and socio-economic limitations have often prevented the disabled from receiving equal opportunities to fully participate in the country’s workforce. Environment is a key factor in human development. It is even more so to a physically challenged person. As a Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate student with visual impairment at Moi University, I sought to look at the environmental circumstances in the institution and how they influenced my self-driven character and unquenchable thirst for success. This article is therefore based on experiential explanation. It is based on my own experiences as a student with visual impairment. The paper unveils how disability combined with unfriendly environmental circumstances, motivated me to develop a positive attitude towards life. Possible solutions to these circumstances that were put in place by Moi University making me a strong inspiration in my academic and social success will be discussed. The paper further makes recommendations on how Moi University can create an enabling environment not only for the ordinary, but also with particular interest for the visually impaired students. It is hoped that awareness created through this paper will encourage Moi University and other institutions of higher learning to create a more conducive learning environment for the visually impaired students. This will enable such students to unwrap their hidden potentials knowing that disability is not inability.


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